Selecting and Moving Passages

Selecting Passages

Click or tap a single passage cardto select it. You can select multiple passage cards by holding the Shift or Control key while selecting a particular passage. To deselect while keeping the rest of your selection intact, Shift- or Control-click it.

If you are using a mouse, you can drag with the left mouse button beginning in an empty part of the map to create a rectangular selection. Hold down the Shift or Control key while doing so to add passages to an existing selection.

To select all passages, choose Select All from the Passage top toolbar tab.

To deselect all passages, click in an empty part of the map.

Moving Passages

To move passage cards you've selected, drag them to a new place using the left mouse button or finger.

By default, Twine will snap passage cards to the gridlines of the story map. If you'd like to disable this behavior, choose Details from the Story top toolbar tab and uncheck the Snap to Grid checkbox. This setting is specific to each story in your library, so one story can use grid snapping while another doesn't.

Grid snapping only affects passage cards when you move them. It doesn't affect the existing position of cards.