Viewing Story Formats

To view a list of story formats installed in your version of Twine, choose Story Formats from the Twine top toolbar tab. By default, the Story Formats screen will show you the newest version of every story format you have installed. Each card in the Story Formats screen represents a single format that's installed. This list shows both regular story formats and proofing ones together, and is sorted alphabetically by name.

Story formats that come installed with Twine have a sticker on them labeled "Built In." The default story format has a sticker on it labeled "Used as Default," and the format that's used for proofing stories has a "Used for Proofing" sticker.

If Twine isn't able to load a story format, it will show an error symbol on its card with a short explanation of the error it encountered.

To view only story formats you've added yourself, choose User-Added Story Formats from the View top toolbar tab.

To view all formats, including older versions of story formats, choose All Story Formats from the View top toolbar tab.