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-===== Building Links ===== +#redirect editing_passages
- +
-To create a link in a passage, select the text you'd like to use for the link and then choose **Create Link**, the first item on the **Passage** menu. This adds square brackets around the text you've selected, creates a new passage for the link to go to, and opens it for you for editing. +
- +
-If you've already created a passage to match that text, the menu item will read **Edit Passage** instead, and will open the linked passage in a separate window. +
- +
-If one of your passages contains a broken link -- that is, it has a link pointing outward that does not have a matching passage -- then an exclamation point emblem will appear on the passage on your story map, to warn you that there is a problem. +
- +
-To remove a link, just delete the double brackets around the text.+
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