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-The **<<​button>>​** [[macro]] creates a button that, when clicked, sets the data entered into other form macros in the passage ([[<<​textinput>>​]],​ [[<<​radio>>​]],​ [[<<​checkbox>>​]]),​ and moves to another passage. 
-The <<​button>>​ macro should be provided with a link in a string: 
->​%%<<​%%button %%"​[[%%//​displayed text//​|//​passage name//​%%]]">>​%% 
-The resulting button behaves identically to the link, but, when clicked, additionally causes the data entered into [[<<​textinput>>​]],​ [[<<​radio>>​]] and [[<<​checkbox>>​]] macros to be placed in the [[variable]]s. 
-For instance, if the macro ''<<​textinput $FoodName>>''​ appears in the same passage with a <<​button>>,​ and the  text "​pretzels"​ has been entered into the input box, then clicking the button will, in addition to changing passages, run the equivalent of ''<<​set $FoodName to "​pretzels">>''​. 
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