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-The <<​choice>>​ [[macro]] produces passage links which can only be clicked once. If one is clicked, all other <<​choice>>​ links in the passage are permanently disabled. This means that if you return to the passage (via another link) then every <<​choice>>​ link is darkened and no longer clickable. Normal links are, of course, unaffected. 
-In [[Jonah]], if the "​Undo"​ [[StorySetting]] is off, then all links will behave like <<​choice>>​ links, and the macro is unnecessary. This is because Jonah permits you to "​undo"​ your moves at any time by scrolling up to a previous passage and clicking another link - undos in Jonah are disabled by forbidding this action. 
-{{ :​choice.png|}} 
-==== Usage ==== 
->​%%<<​%%choice %%[[%%//​link syntax//​%%]]>>​%% 
-You can insert any valid form of the [[link]] syntax into the macro - one with expressions,​ one that sets [[variable]]s,​ or anything else. 
-There is also an older formulation,​ used in Twine 1.3.5: 
->​%%<<​%%choice //"​passage name" "link text"//​%%>>​%% 
-This formulation is no longer recommended,​ as it conflicts with the link text and passage name ordering used by the normal link syntax. 
-==== CSS hooks ==== 
-The <<​choice>>​ links have, in addition to their normal CSS classes, the class "​choice"​. When they are darkened, they become span elements with the sole class "​disabled"​. If you want, say, the darkened links to be removed entirely instead of just darkened, you can add this CSS to your story: 
-  ​ 
-  .disabled { display:​none;​ } 
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