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Sometimes you'd like to apply styles to your text – to italicize a book title, for example. You can do this with simple formatting codes that are similar to the double brackets of a link. Here is what's available to you:

Formatting Source Code Appears As
Italics //text// text
Boldface ''text'' text
Underline __text__ text
Subscript H~~2~~O H2O
Superscript meters/second^^2^^ meters/second2
Monospace {{{text}}} text
Bulleted list * one
* two
Numbered list # one
# two
Horizontal line ---- FIXME

Lists in particular are useful for setting off choices at the end of a passage. Although it feels natural to leave an empty line between a paragraph and a list, this creates extra whitespace that looks a little strange. Here's what it should look like:

It's a dark and stormy night aboard the Orient Express. You can't sleep;
something about the motion of the train disturbed you subtly. So instead you
have elected to spend the night in the dining car, sipping coffee and perusing
[[the newspaper|The London Times]].

You hear the door to the car open behind you.
* [[Look up]]
* [[Continue reading]]

If there's a particular kind of formatting that you'd like to use that isn't supported natively by Twee, you can put HTML source code directly into your story's text by surrounding it with and . This passage, for example, blinks:

The bomb's timer now reads: <html><blink>5:00</blink></html>. You sure hope
that's five hours, not five minutes.
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