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 +**(alert: // [[harlowe:​String|String]]//​) -> //​[[harlowe:​Command|Command]]//​**
 +This macro produces a [[harlowe:​Command|Command]] that, when evaluated, shows a browser pop-up dialog box with the given
 +[[harlowe:​string|string]] displayed, and an "​OK"​ button to dismiss it.
 +=== Example usage: ===
 +''​%%(alert:"​Beyond this point, things get serious. Grab a snack and buckle up."​)%%''​
 +=== Details: ===
 +This is essentially identical to the Javascript ''​%%alert()%%''​ function in purpose and ability. You
 +can use it to display a special message above the game itself. But, be aware that as the box uses
 +the player'​s operating system and browser'​s styling, it may clash visually with the design
 +of your story.
 +When the dialog is on-screen, the entire game is essentially "​paused"​ - no further computations are
 +performed until it is dismissed.
 +=== See also: ===
 +[[harlowe:​prompt|(prompt:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​confirm|(confirm:​)]]
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