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 +**(click-goto:​ //​[[harlowe:​hookname|HookName]] or [[harlowe:​string|String]],​ String//) → //​[[harlowe:​command|Command]]//​**
 +A special shorthand combination of the [[harlowe:​click|(click:​)]] and [[harlowe:​go-to|(go-to:​)]] macros, this allows you to make a hook or bit of text into a passage link. ''​%%(click-goto:​ ?1, '​Passage Name'​)%%''​ is equivalent to ''​%%(click:​ ?​1)[(goto:'​Passage Name'​)]%%''​
 +=== Example usage: ===
 +''​%%Time to get in your crimchair, plug in your crimphones, power up your crimrig and your crimgrip - the next page in your crimming career awaits. (click-goto:​ "​crim",​ "​Explanation Passage"​).%%''​
 +=== See also: ===
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