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-====Hidden hooks==== 
-Hidden hooks are an advanced kind of named hook that can be shown using macros like [[harlowe:​show|(show:​)]]. For a general introduction to 
-named hooks, see their respective markup description. 
-There may be hooks whose contained prose you don't want to be visible as soon as the passage appears - 
-a time delay, or the click of a link should be used to show them. You can set a hook to be //hidden// by altering 
-the hook tag syntax - replace the ''​%%>​%%''​ or ''​%%<​%%''​ mark with a parenthesis. 
-|visible>​[This hook is visible when the passage loads.] 
-|cloaked)[This hook is hidden when the passage loads, and needs a macro like `(show:?​cloaked)` to reveal it.] 
-[My commanding officer - a war hero, and a charismatic face for the military.]<​sight| 
-[Privately, I despise the man. His vacuous boosterism makes a mockery of my sacrifices.](thoughts| 
-(You can think of this as being visually similar to the pointed tails of comic speech balloons vs. round, enclosed 
-thought balloons.) 
-In order to be useful, hidden hooks must have a name, which macros like [[harlowe:​show|(show:​)]] can use to show them. Hence, 
-there'​s no way to make a hidden unnamed hook - at least, without using a conditional macro like [[harlowe:​if|(if:​)]]. 
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