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-**(hover-style:​ // [[harlowe:​Changer|Changer]]//​) -> //​Changer//​** 
-Given a style-altering [[harlowe:​Changer|Changer]],​ it makes a changer which only applies when the hook or expression is hovered over 
-with the mouse pointer, and is removed when hovering off. 
-=== Example usage: === 
-The following makes a [[harlowe:​link|(link:​)]] that turns cyan and italic when the mouse hovers over it. 
-(hover-style:​(text-color:​cyan) + (text-style:'​italic'​))+(link:"​The lake") 
-[The still, cold lake.] 
-=== Rationale: === 
-Making text react in small visual ways when the pointer hovers over it is an old hypertext tradition. It lends a 
-degree of "​life"​ to the text, making it seem aware of the player. This feeling of life is best used to signify 
-interactivity - it seems to invite the player to answer in turn, by clicking. So, adding them to [[harlowe:​link|(link:​)]] changers, 
-instead of just bare words or paragraphs, is highly recommended. 
-=== Details: === 
-True to its name, this macro can only be used for subtle style changes. Only the following changers (and combinations 
-thereof) may be given to (hover-style:​) - any others will produce an error: 
-  * [[harlowe:​align|(align:​)]] 
-  * [[harlowe:​background|(background:​)]] 
-  * [[harlowe:​css|(css:​)]] 
-  * [[harlowe:​font|(font:​)]] 
-  * [[harlowe:​text-colour|(text-colour:​)]] 
-  * [[harlowe:​text-rotate|(text-rotate:​)]] 
-  * [[harlowe:​text-style|(text-style:​)]] 
-More extensive mouse-based interactivity should use the [[harlowe:​mouseover|(mouseover:​)]] and [[harlowe:​mouseout|(mouseout:​)]] macros. 
-This macro is not recommended for use in games or stories intended for use on touch devices, as 
-the concept of "​hovering"​ over an element doesn'​t really make sense with that input method. 
-=== See also: === 
-[[harlowe:​mouseover|(mouseover:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​mouseout|(mouseout:​)]] 
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