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-====It keyword==== 
-This keyword is a shorthand for the closest leftmost value in an expression. It lets you write 
-''​%%(if:​ $candles < 2 and it > 5)%%''​ instead of ''​%%(if:​ $candles < 2 and $candles > 5)%%'',​ or ''​%%(set:​ $candles to it + 3)%%''​ 
-instead of ''​%%(set:​ $candles to $candles + 3)%%''​. (You can't, however, use it in a [[harlowe:​put|(put:​)]] or [[harlowe:​move|(move:​)]] macro: 
-''​%%(put:​$red + $blue into it)%%''​ is invalid.) 
-Since ''​%%it%%''​ uses the closest leftmost value, ''​%%(print:​ $red > 2 and it < 4 and $blue > 2 and it < 4)%%''​ is the same as 
-''​%%(print:​ $red > 2 and $red < 4 and $blue > 2 and $blue < 4)%%''​. 
-''​%%it%%''​ is case-insensitive:​ ''​%%IT%%'',​ ''​%%iT%%''​ and ''​%%It%%''​ are all acceptable as well. 
-In some situations, the ''​%%it%%''​ keyword will be //inserted automatically//​ by Harlowe when the story runs. If you write an 
-incomplete comparison expression where the left-hand side is missing, like ''​%%(print:​ $red > 2 and < 4)%%'',​ 
-then, when running, the ''​%%it%%''​ keyword will automatically be inserted into the absent spot - producing, in this case, 
-''​%%(print:​ $red > 2 and it < 4)%%''​. Note that in situations where the ''​%%it%%''​ keyword would not have an obvious value, such as 
-''​%%(print:​ < 4)%%'',​ an error will result nonetheless. 
-If the ''​%%it%%''​ keyword equals a [[harlowe:​datamap|datamap]],​ [[harlowe:​string|string]],​ [[harlowe:​Array|array]],​ or other "​collection"​ data type, then you can access data values 
-using the ''​%%its%%''​ variant - ''​%%(print:​ $red is '​egg'​ and its length is 3)%%''​ or ''​%%(set:​$red to its 1st)%%''​. Much like the ''​%%'​s%%''​ 
-operator, you can use computed values with ''​%%its%%''​ - ''​%%(if:​ $red's length is 3 and its $position is $value)%%''​ will work as 
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