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-**(link: // [[harlowe:​String|String]]//​) -> //​[[harlowe:​Changer|changer]]//​** 
-Also known as: [[harlowe:​link-replace|(link-replace:​)]] 
-Makes a [[harlowe:​command|command]] to create a special link that can be used to show a hook. 
-=== Example usage: === 
-''​%%(link:​ "​Stake"​)[The dracula crumbles to dust.]%%''​ will create a link reading "​Stake"​ 
-which, when clicked, disappears and shows "The dracula crumbles to dust." 
-=== Rationale: === 
-As you're aware, links are what the player uses to traverse your story. However, 
-links can also be used to simply display text or run macros inside hooks. Just 
-attach the (link:) macro to a hook, and the entire hook will not run or appear at all until the 
-player clicks the link. 
-Note that this particular macro'​s links disappear when they are clicked - if you want 
-their words to remain in the text, consider using [[harlowe:​link-reveal|(link-reveal:​)]]. 
-=== Details: === 
-This creates a link which is visually indistinguishable from normal passage links. 
-=== See also: === 
-[[harlowe:​link-reveal|(link-reveal:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​link-repeat|(link-repeat:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​link-goto|(link-goto:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​click|(click:​)]] 
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