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-**(passage: // [ [[harlowe:​String|String]] ]//) -> //​[[harlowe:​Datamap|datamap]]//​** 
-When given a passage [[harlowe:​string|string]] name, this provides a [[harlowe:​datamap|datamap]] containing information about that passage. If no 
-name was provided, then it provides information about the current passage. 
-=== Example usage: === 
-=== Rationale: === 
-There are times when you wish to examine the data of the story as it is running - for instance, checking what 
-tag a certain passage has, and performing some special behaviour as a result. This macro provides that functionality. 
-=== Details: === 
-The datamap contains the following names and values. 
-^Name  ^ Value ^ 
-| source | The source markup of the passage, exactly as you entered it in the Twine editor | 
-| name | The string name of this passage. | 
-| tags | An [array](#​type_array) of strings, which are the tags you gave to this passage. | 
-The "​source"​ value, like all strings, can be printed using [[harlowe:​print|(print:​)]]. Be warned that printing the source of 
-the current passage, while inside of it, may lead to an infinite regress. 
-Interestingly,​ the construction ''​%%(print:​ (passage: "​Cellar"​)'​s source)%%''​ is essentially identical in function (albeit longer to write) 
-than ''​%%(display:​ "​Cellar"​)%%''​. 
-=== See also: === 
-[[harlowe:​history|(history:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​savedgames|(savedgames:​)]] 
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