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-====Verbatim markup==== 
-As plenty of symbols have special uses in Harlowe, you may wonder how you can use them normally, as mere symbols, 
-without invoking their special functionality. You can do this by placing them between a pair of ''​%%`%%''​ marks (graves). 
-If you want to escape a section of text which already contains single ''​%%`%%''​ marks, simply increase the number 
-of ''​%%`%%''​ marks used to enclose them. 
-=== Example usage: === 
-  * ''​%%I want to include `[[double square brackets]]` in my story, so I use grave ` marks.%%''​ 
-  * ''​%%I want to include ``single graves ` in my story``, so I place them between two grave marks.%%''​ 
-There'​s no hard limit to the amount of graves you can use to enclose the text. 
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