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Twine 2

Twine 2 is the most recent release series of Twine. If you've never used Twine before, this version is recommended.

Reference Documentation

Twine 1

Twine 1 was the original version of Twine, and is still available to download.

Story Formats

Story formats are separate from the Twine editor, and turn the story you design in Twine into a playable HTML file. They allow you to add conditional logic, display effects, and other interactivity. (How do I decide which story format is right for me?)


Harlowe is the default story format for Twine 2. It isn't available in Twine 1.


SugarCube is a popular story format that is a descendant of the original SugarCube format packaged with Twine 1. Twine 2 comes packaged with the latest in the SugarCube 1.x series, but there's also a 2.x series available that can be added manually.


Snowman is a format intended for people who have experience with JavaScript development, particularly jQuery.

Other Formats

  • Entweedle creates Twee source files from a story.
  • Illume is an improved proofing format.
  • Protagonist is similar to Snowman, but has more functionality built-in.
  • Jonah and Sugarcane are formats packaged with Twine 1. Sugarcane has been superceded by SugarCube, while there as yet no successor to Jonah. The main difference between the two is that when a reader clicks a link in Jonah, new text appears underneath the existing text, instead of replacing it.

Publishing Your Work

Twine stories are published in HTML format, which means you can publish your files on any web server.

Free Twine Hosting

After You've Published

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