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«else» is a macro that is used to indicate text that should be displayed if the condition is false. It is paired with «if» or «endif».

The door to the left leads to the pantry.
<<if visited("Pantry")>>
No way are you going back in there!
Sounds like a good place to search...

The «else» macro can itself contain another “if condition”, which causes the contents to only display if THAT condition is true:

<<if $health is 3>>\
You're in tip-top condition - fighting fit and frankly fearsome. No human or god can lick you!
<<else if $health is 2>>\
DOOMED! You're DOOMED, puny player!! You've lost already! YOU CANNOT WIN!! MWAHAHAHAHA!

You can insert as many «else if»'s as you want inside an «if» / «endif» pair.

(Note: if you prefer, you can also write “else if” as “elseif”.)

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