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 +<<​else>>​ is a macro that is used to indicate text that should be displayed if the condition is //false//. It is paired with <<​[[twine1:​if]]>>​ or <<​[[twine1:​endif]]>>​.
 +The door to the left leads to the pantry.
 +<<if visited("​Pantry"​)>>​
 +No way are you going back in there!
 +Sounds like a good place to search...
 +The <<​else>>​ macro can itself contain another "if //​condition//",​ which causes the contents to only display if THAT condition is true:
 +<<if $health is 3>>\
 +You're in tip-top condition - fighting fit and frankly fearsome. No human or god can lick you!
 +<<​else if $health is 2>>\
 +DOOMED! You're DOOMED, puny player!! You've lost already! YOU CANNOT WIN!! MWAHAHAHAHA!
 +You can insert as many <<​else if>>'​s as you want inside an <<​if>>​ / <<​endif>>​ pair.
 +(Note: if you prefer, you can also write "else if" as "​elseif"​.)
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