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 +This is an interesting one. Suppose you're [[<<​display>>​]]ing a passage using the shorthand, and you include some extra values at the end of the tag:
 +<​code><<​CaramelCanoe "​oars"​ "​satchel">></​code>​
 +With parameter(),​ you can access these extra values and use them inside the displayed passage:
 +You're canoeing down the caramel river, rowing with <<​print parameter(0)>>,​ your <<​print parameter(1)>>​ by your side.
 +Running the aforementioned <<​display>>​ will show "​You'​re canoeing down the caramel river, rowing with oars, your satchel by your side."
 +This allows you to subtly alter a passage depending on where and how it's <<​display>>​ed,​ without using variables. You can, for instance, make a passage that describes the character'​s clothes, and you can supply different adjectives to the passage, just by including them in the shorthand <<​display>>​.
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