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Twine 2: How to Create Your First Story

Before you create your first story using Twine 2.0, please read Where Your Stories Are Saved!

Once you're clear on what to expect and how to avoid losing your stories, check out Getting Started with Twine 2.

The default view of Twine 2 is the Story List. If you're used to Twine 1.x, this is akin to your “Open File” window. Twine 2 doesn't use files until it's time to archive or publish the contents of your browser storage, but the principle is the same: a series of separate, sortable stories that you can play, edit, or delete.

Creating a new story

To create your first story in Twine 2, click the green “+Story” button on the right sidebar. This opens a prompt asking you to name your story. Any name will do, since you can change this setting later.

The first time you see the Story Map, you'll see a single passage, “Untitled Passage”, against a blue background. Double-click the passage to edit it.

What's next?

What if I run into trouble?

Don't be afraid to ask for help in the forum. Everyone was a newbie once too, and no one will make fun of you for asking for help!

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