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 +===== How to Review Your Story =====
 +Ready to publish your story? Great! Here's a few ways Twine helps you put the finishing touches on your work.
 +**Proofreading your work** can be daunting since you'd normally need to look at each passage individually in the editor. Instead, choose //View Proofing Copy// from the story menu. This will create a plain text document with all of the text of your story split into sections based on passages. You can print this document as-is, save to a PDF with your browser, or copy and paste it into a word processor.
 +**Checking for broken links** can be done in two ways. First, any passages that do have broken links will be tinted red in the story map. Secondly, choose //Story Statistics//​ from the story menu. If the number of broken links is 0, then you're good.
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