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-[[Getting Started]]+**[[guide|Table of Contents]]** 
 +** First Things First ** \\ 
 +[[Getting Started]] ​\\
 [[Where Your Stories Are Saved]] [[Where Your Stories Are Saved]]
-[[The Story List]] + 
-[[The Story Map]] +**Reference** \\ 
-[[Editing Passages]] +[[The Story List]] ​\\ 
-[[Finding and Replacing Text]] +[[The Story Map]] \\ 
-[[Setting A Story'​s Title and Format]] +[[Editing Passages]] ​\\ 
-[[Playing, Testing, Proofing, and Publishing Stories]]+[[Finding and Replacing Text]] ​\\  
 +[[Setting A Story'​s Title and Format]] ​\\ 
 +[[Playing, Testing, Proofing, and Publishing Stories]] ​\\
 [[Adding Custom JavaScript and CSS]] [[Adding Custom JavaScript and CSS]]
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