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-This is a list of bugs in **Twine 1.4.1**. Some of these may be carryovers from Twine 1.4, and some may be newly introduced. 
-====Passage names with full stops==== 
-The story editor'​s external link detection is too permissive. If a passage name contains a full stop, it will be interpreted as a filename, and link arrows to it will not be drawn. The links will, however, remain functional in-game. 
-====StoryMenu list item CSS and cursor:​pointer==== 
-In Twine 1.4 and below, any list items (that is, lines beginning with *) in the StoryMenu, StoryTitle, StorySubtitle and StoryAuthor passages would light up on mouseover, even if they weren'​t a link. Twine 1.4.1 slightly exacerbates this, as non-link list items will //also// produce the pointer-finger cursor, further suggesting that it's a link. (This is a consequence of fixing a 1.4 bug whereby the pointer cursor wasn't present for links in other places, such as StoryAuthor.) 
-====Story titles and "Test Play From Here"​==== 
-If you use "Test Play From Here" to test your game from a specific passage, then the StoryTitle, StorySubtitle,​ StoryMenu and StoryAuthor passages won't be drawn correctly until after the first turn of the game. However, this only affects test plays. 
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