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This is a list of bugs in Twine 1.4.1. Some of these may be carryovers from Twine 1.4, and some may be newly introduced. All of these will be fixed in 1.4.2.

Building games in non-English Windows locales

For Windows users (at least?), attempting to build a game of any kind may cause an error instead. This is due to the timestamp included in the HTML: if the locale's month name or timezone name contains a non-Latin-1 character, then the error will result.

Importing images with capitalised suffixes

If the filename of an image has a capitalised suffix (such as “.JPG” instead of “.jpg”) then Twine will give it an incorrect MIME-type when forming a base64 URL. In most (but not necessarily all) browsers, this has no effect. Furthermore, it means that Twine's “Save Image” functionality will not work with these images.

Passage names with full stops

The story editor's external link detection is too permissive. If a passage name contains a full stop, and links lead to it, then it will be interpreted as a URI filename, and link arrows to the passage will not be drawn. The links will, however, remain functional in-game.

StoryMenu list item CSS and cursor:pointer

In Twine 1.4 and below, any list items (that is, lines beginning with *) in the StoryMenu, StoryTitle, StorySubtitle and StoryAuthor passages would light up on mouseover, even if they weren't a link. Twine 1.4.1 slightly exacerbates this, as non-link list items will also always produce the pointer-finger cursor, further erroneously suggesting that it's a link. (This is a consequence of fixing a 1.4 bug whereby the pointer cursor wasn't present for links in other places, such as StoryAuthor.)

Story titles and "Test Play From Here"

If you use “Test Play From Here” to test your game from a specific passage, then the StoryTitle, StorySubtitle, StoryMenu and StoryAuthor passages won't be drawn correctly until after the first turn of the game. Take note that this does not affect test plays from the beginning of the story.

"New Passage Here" Positioning

The position of passages created via the “New Passage Here” menu item in the Story Map's right-click menu is sometimes incorrect, requiring them to be manually dragged to their intended position.

Import from HTML bugs

If you import, from HTML, a Twine game whose passage titles contain “>”, then it won't work correctly - parts of the HTML will be badly inserted into the start of the passages.

Line breaks in StoryTitle

Line breaks in the StoryTitle passage are not properly accounted for in the page title.

Importing alternative font styles and weights

If you have a font whose styles (bold, italic, light) come in separate files, there is no obvious way to import these files while specifying that they are, indeed, bold or italic styles (so that they will actually be used).

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