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-====== Editor ====== 
-===== Bugfixes ===== 
-  * The app no longer mistakenly reports an updated version is available immediately after updating. 
-  * If an error occurs within the library used to save stories, a notification is now shown to the user. Previously, notifications were only shown when an error happened within the Twine app itself. 
-===== Features ===== 
-  * The tooltip for the story menu now shows the most recent date/time the story was saved. 
-  * The Story Statistics dialog is back, and now includes the [[http://​​help-ifid|IFID]] for a story. 
-  * Added experimental native app builds, available for now [[http://​​klembot/​twinejs/​downloads|here]] only. These builds have not been thoroughly tested; please use at your own risk. These save your stories to your Documents folder, under Twine > Stories. 
-====== Built-In Story Formats ====== 
-  * Updated Snowman to version 1.0.1. 
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