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I'm using Harlowe 1.2.4

I want to reveal text and a link in one passage only if the reader visits 3 other passages. Basically, a reader reads passage A, gets access to passages B, C and D. The reader goes through all of them and returns to passage A. I want IF macro to check if the reader has visited B, C and D and then produce new text and link on passage A.

I tried using AND in the IF macro to check for all three conditions, but that didn't work. Below is what I used:

(if: $Lib040A is true and $Lib040B is true and $Lib040C is true)[
Access granted to new files.

Would you like to access this library?





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Someone may have a suggestion for an improved way to handle your scenario, but isolating the conditions within their own brackets should get your example working:

(if: ($Lib040A is true) and ($Lib040B is true) and ($Lib040C is true))[
       Access Granted


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That did the job, thanks!
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You shouldn't be using either is true or is false when testing if a story variable equals Boolean true or false.

The correct way to test for Boolean true and false is

(set: $variable to true)
(if: $variable)[The story variable equals Boolean true]

(set: $variable to false)
(if: not $variable)[The story variable equals Boolean false]

... so geekdragon's suggestion should be.

(if: $Lib040A and $Lib040B and $Lib040C)[
       Access Granted


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Whoops! Thanks for setting things straight greyelf. I have a bad habit of using other data types where booleans are appropriate, so I missed the obvious issue.
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geekdragon's method seems to be working for me without any trouble. But greyelf's method returns by saying that it can only use 'and' with booleans.