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Hi, very new user and first time question!

I have a page like this:


[[Option 1]]
(if:$A is "on")[Here is a secret [[option 1a]]]
(if:$B is "on")[Here is a secret [[option 1b]]]
[[Option 2]]
[[Do something else.]]

Until the variables are set to "on", options 1a and 1b are hidden. But the user can still clearly see the blank space where they should go. I know I can collapse blank space using {}, but that also removes line breaks between the options and ruins the formatting.

I'm wondering if there's a way to TRULY hide an option such that everything within the brackets is reduced to nothing until $A is set to "on", at which point it is revealed, line breaks and all. Thanks!

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You got an answer on your previous and identical post at this link, I think?