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In the old Twine Forum, there were different options for questions. One of them was called 'Workshop'. This was where you could give links to finished projects. They didn't count as questions, unlike on this forum where everything's a question. Is there something like that on this new forum, because I haven't found anything yet, and if not, why not? It's a great way to get people to play your games.

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The simple answer is No.

It was decided to change this official site from a forum format where you could either ask questions or start discussions, to a question-and-answer format where you can only ask questions.

The other official way you could announce a new story/game is via the Twine Twitter Feed which can be found on the main Twine website, although that announcement may disappear in a short period time depending on how many other tweets (**) are posted after yours.

You could also try non-official sites like the Twine games based reddit channel.

(**) I believe that is the correct term, I'm not sure as I don't use Twitter.
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@twinethreads for Chris Kilmas' feed, and um, @philomela_twine to actually host your games on Twitter.

I am not sure if he wants people to post on his thread (the @twinethreads) about their games, or not, but... the latter is mostly a hosting account provided you have a twitter account.
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Why isn't it a forum?