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So let's say I have a link called link_0 and when I click on it for the first time, it takes me to the passage_1, but when somehow I click again link_0 I want it to take me to passage_2. Thanks in advance.

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I would say something like this

<<if condition_1>>






you just need to get the right condition :)
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The answer supplied by @Maga is correct, you can use an <<if>> macro to control which of the two passages is visited. The following is a more detailed break down if one way to implement their solution.

You can use the hasVisited() function to determine if the Reader has already visited Passage 1 and then use that information to show the correct link.

<<if hasVisited("passage_1")>>

warning: It is not a good idea to use punctuation characters (like underscore, quotes, comas, etc...) in a Passage Name, because they can have special meaning in a web-based application and can lead to unexpected results.