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This is for a game in which the player assumes the role of a monster, and one of the special abilities they will have available to them as they progress will be "Terrifying Roar," which causes all but the most courageous foes to either flee in panic or become paralyzed with fear (i.e., being unable to attack or defend until they can "snap out of it.") I'm already putting a provision for this ability into the game in the form of a "courage" attribute for many of the antagonists the player will encounter; with lesser adversaries getting the lower scores, and the higher scores going to the "bosses." I'm still wroking on how to implement it; and in particular, I want the ability to be useful without it being too overpowered. I also need to decide on a fair experience point cost for unlocking it.

For those who need more info one the kind of combat system I'll be implementing, all combat-capable characters have the following stats: Attack Dice, Defense Dice, Health, and Endurance. In each turn of battle, the attacker's Attack Dice are rolled against the Target's Defense Dice. If the Attack Dice roll higher than the Defense Dice, the difference gets deducted from the target's Health or Endurance, depending on whether the attacker declared a lethal or non-lethal attack. If the Defense Dice roll equal to or higher than the Attack Dice, the target takes no damage. If you're reduced to 0 Health, you're dead. If you're reduced to 0 Endurance, you loss consciousness and are at the mercy of your opponent, who can take you prisoner if they wish, or just leave you sprawned on the ground for how ever long it takes for you to regain consciousness.

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So ... what's your question?