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So I wanted to have a unique look for every character in my story, but being illiterate in css I'm having a hard time finding a way to switch my style mid story every time the character changes.


Is it possible? Or Should I simply try to swap images "faking" a new style?

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You can use passage tags to add classes to your body that can be controlled via CSS. If you need to do it dynamically, you can use the <<addclass>> and <<removeclass>> macros. 

More info here and here

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Oh I see. Yeah it turns out it wasn't anything incredible, but my poor knowledge of CSS makes everything complicated.


On a more practical approach I essentially tag the passages that I want with the name of the class and then describe said class in the stylshhet, right?
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The first reference link supplied by @Chapel includes multiple examples showing how to implement the "body" element based CSS selectors for a passage tagged with "forest" (without quotes), just replace that tag-name with your own class-name.
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Yes, I read that, I just wanted to ask to be sure. Thank you.