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Okay, so, I'm really new to Twine. Like, really new. So new that I just started making one yesterday. Anyways. This might be a really simple question for some of you to answer, but I was wondering if I can make a link exclusively accessible only if the person reading had chosen a certain link beforehand. Like for example, since I'm really bad at explaining, if there were three options in "Passage 1" and the three options were "1", "2", and "3", a link a few passages later would only be able to be clicked on if, let's just say, the reader chose "3" beforehand. Does this have a super simple answer that I'm just completely missing?

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I suggest you read the Harlowe 2.x story format's documentation, in particular the parts on:

a. the (set:) macro, which can be used to assign a value to a variable.

b. the (link:) macro, which when combined with the (set:) macro and the (go-to:) macro can be used to create a link which will assign a value to a variable before sending the reader to another passage once the link is selected. This combination is commonly known as a Setter Link.

c. the (if:) macro (and its related (else-if:) and (else:) macros), which can be used to evaluate the current value stored within a variable and then do something based on that evaluation.

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In passage three, do:

(set $variableName to true)

In the passage with your link, do:

(if: $variableName is true)[[[This is a link ->This is a link]]]

You need the arrow, even though it's the same passage title, because there's a bug where if you didn't put it in it wouldn't link the passage.

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sadly this did not work. im assuming its outdated or something since this is from september of 2017 but i still expected this to work. im so confused as my question is still not answered. how the heck do i make it where a link is locked until another has been opened???!!! its basically making my text based game unplayable without this feature! im so confused somebody answer please! and with a good answer!