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I'm very new to all this, but am having a heck of time getting an answer to my question. Will Twine 2.x.x work with mobile phones? Android? iPhone? If not, what app is being used for these phones? Like the text adventure games you see on Google Play for example. I want to be able to write text adventure games for smartphones. NOT write the games on the phone, but make games for phones, tablets, etc...

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You can port Twine apps to mobile using Apache Cordova / PhoneGap. There are other IF authoring systems that may support compiling to mobile apps as well, so it's possible that the apps you're referencing were not built in Twine. Generally speaking, though, since Twine compiles to html, one of the most popular and portable file types, you can pretty much take your game and run it on anything capable of running a browser, either through the browser, or through a browser shell, which is what Cordova and PhoneGap provide.