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I want to use a button to changes two veriables.

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ETA: This answer has the wrong version & story format for the question, my bad. It might still be useful to people using Twine 2 and Harlowe 1.2.4.

You can make a link that changes two variables like this. First, set the variables.

(set: $firstvariable to 1)
(set: $secondvariable to false)

Next, make your link where changes happen.

(link: "Soon your variables will change.")[(set: $firstvariable to it +1)
(set: $secondvariable to true)
(goto: "Passage where variable are different.")]

Admittedly this is a link not a button. I don't know how to make buttons. But I hope this helps.

I learned it all here -> https://twine2.neocities.org/

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Im using Twine 2 and sugercube 2.20

The button code look like this. 

<<button 'Sleep' home>><</button>>


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Cool, my apologies, I didn't see the tags on your question.
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Like this:

<<button 'Sleep' home>>
  <<set $lastThingEaten to "cheese", $dreams to "bad">>
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Thanks, it works  :D