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Work PC changed drive letters on me (dangit, Operations guys!!!).

My portable drive is now showing up as E: instead of F: and that seems to be causing all sorts of chaos for Twine.

Is there a way to change the paths it uses/looks for?

Partially, this seems to be blocking it from accessing Sugarcube, but I think it's also responsible for Twine not being able to playtest, debug, or publish.

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Pulling a workaround for now by using a spare USB stick to take up E: so that windows will autoassign the portable drive F: again.

That has fixed ALL the problems, except for the annoyance of remembering to pull that extra stick out of the machine at the end of my shift.

EDIT: Using the stick switch method locked the portable back into F:. As long as the drive letter remains F:, no problems arise.