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I found the Mac app to be 600+ MB big and was wondering why. When I inspected the package contents I found that in the nfjs Framework folder there is a folder called Versions containing exact copies of the Framework folder.

I created an alias of the "nfjs Framework" fiolder and replaced these Version with it. App size redution to about 225 MB (66%+). And everything works fine.

Maybe the developer could have a look if something is setup wrong when rendering the app for Mac.

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Screenshot of the package contents after optimisation:


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This is being tracked as a bug: https://github.com/klembot/twinejs/issues/451
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I just saw I actually commented in the bugtracker back in April. Still no luck fixing it? Maybe just apply the above fix manualy in the download for the time being. This would save many MB for all users… as for me I was running low on space on my Mac Book and that is how I saw that in the first place.