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I'm trying to get my game to run on an iOS device, but I keep getting the error message:

JavaScript is required.  Please enable it to continue.

I've tried this using Safari and Chrome on an iPhone, and Safari on an iPad.  I confirmed that JavaScript is enabled on all three browsers (by visiting https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/is-javascript-enabled ), but the error message still appears.

Does anybody know how to fix this?


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Is your compiled file local to the device or are you retrieving it from a network location?  Is it as it was originally compiled or have you made modifications to the file?
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The compiled file is a link on my dev blog.  It's the same link I can use to play the game on my desktop computer.  Do I need to compile the iOS version differently?

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Can you provide the link, so I can look at the file?

Edit: Also, what version of iOS?  I ask because I just tried various projects over the network on my iPhone, which is running iOS 11.1.2, and had no issues.

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Thanks, Exile!  My game is for adults, so posting a link here is not really suitable.  But just the fact that you've been able to get your Twine files working on iOS 11.1.2 is helpful info – at least now I know it's my code at fault, not the platform itself.

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Well, if you decide that you want me to take a look, neither of my e-mail addresses are particularly difficult to find and I may also be found on the twinegames Reddit and the Technical Support forum at TFGamesSite.

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Thanks!  But I figured it out.  smiley

What I thought was a link – on my Patreon page – to the compiled HTML file, was actually a link to an attached file.  No wonder it didn't work!

The solution was to upload the compiled HTML file to a different web page, and link to that.  Thanks for helping me, Exile, even though in the end I was just being a dumbass.