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Is it somehow possible to have a Twine game load a different Twine game, displaying it in a div and allowing a player to play it there?

I am working on a tutorial for Twine in form of a Twine game, providing little examples-games created within said tutorial as separate files and was wondering whether, instead of having a player load these examples manually, the game could somehow import and display those files on command.

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Since that'd be very wasteful, loading the engine twice and all, why not display two passages; one with the code nowiki'd and one that runs the code? Better yet, you could set up a footer that shows the raw passage text including comments and such during play automatically for each passage the user is on.

Regardless, you shouldn't really have any trouble iframing a Twine game.
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I wanted to have them a seperate file so anyone interested could import the completed game into their version of Twine and look how everything is set up without the tutorial and itas features getting into the way.
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Then displaying it using an iframe, like Chapel suggested, should work.