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Since updating to 2.20 I can't publish my games to file anymore. The online version just goes to a white screen and the client version just... doesn't do anything. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the local version (and deleting the folder from AppData) and clearing my caches for the online version. No change.

EDIT: I can make a new project and export it, but any existing projects can't export anymore, even if I delete and re-import them. I've rolled back to 2.1.3 which still works but not being able to use the web version anymore kinda sucks.

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This is a known issue (Issue #430) with the new Twine v2.2.0 application, caused by the application incorrectly creating a ZIP file instead of a HTML file. (The ZIP file contains the HTML file)

This issue has been researched and fixed in the project's repository but unfortunately you will need to wait until a new version of the application is created and uploaded. I am sure a notification on the @twinethreads Twitter feed will be issued once it is ready for download.

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Annoying, but glad that's all it is. Thanks!
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The reason you can't use the old version of the web-browser based release is because the new version overwrote the available Story Formats settings your web-browser's local storage cache, this overwriting occurs for each new version.

There is a technique you can use to allow access to the Story Formats settings of the older version, but it requires you to open the Application (*) section of your web-browser's built-in Development Tool and to manually delete the twine-formats related entries within Local Storage (*) cache. One this has been done simple closing and the reopening the web-application will result in those entries being recreated for the version of Twine 2 you are using.

(*) Depending on which web-browser you are using both of these items may have different names)