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Hello! I genuinely do not know if this is at all possible, but if anybody has any idea at all how to implement the concept I have, it'd be very cool indeed. Or, you know, tell me it's impossible. That's cool too.

Basically, the idea is that there is a certain passage in the game that allows a player to input a phrase/message, which the game will save, either internally or on some kind of remote platform. An earlier passage in this game will output the phrase/message that the previous person to play the game gave. (and so on, etc; so that every person playing the game will see the message that the person that last played input into the system)

...I tend to use philome.la for hosting my works; if that makes any difference.

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There's the <<remember>> macro that allows for a value to be stored over the course of a game/browser restart. That would only work for players playing on the same device though. For what you want to do you'd have to set up your game to send player input to and access it from some external source. It's no dount possible, but there are no build-in features that could help you with this task. 

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This really isn't possible without a server, though you could use an embedded Google form and a spreadsheet or Disqus as a poor man's alternative.
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You could take the data you need to transfer, turn it into a JSON object, then compress that JSON data using something like JSONC, and have the user copy that string to their clipboard.  Then, in the next game, you would have them paste that into a <<textarea>>, decompress it using JSONC again, and then parse the JSON object back into usable data.

I recommend keeping the values of as few variables as possible, so the string length doesn't get out of hand.

It's not particularly elegant, but it's probably the bset you'll get for what you're asking for.

Hope that helps!  :-)

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As I understand the original question the asker wants players other than the current one to see the output, so while parts of this technique could be used to generate the current player's 'data' it doesn't include any means for that 'data' to be transmitted to somewhere where other players can access it.
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Wow.  Yeah, I totally misread that.

Remind me not to post while falling asleep.  :-P