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Ok so I've got some code I'm tinkering about with:

Roll a 4 or better
<<set $health = 5>>
<span id='dice-outcome'></span>

<span id='dice-button'>\
<<button 'Roll a die.'>>
	<<set $roll to random(1, 6)>>	
	<<if $roll gte 4>>
		<<replace '#dice-outcome'>>\
			You rolled a $roll. [[Well Done]]
 <<replace '#dice-button'>><</replace>> /% remove button %/
		<<replace '#dice-outcome'>>\
			You missed! The Drone showers your position with
			gunfire! Try Again\
			<<set $health -= 2>>
	<<if $health lt 1>>
	<<goto [[Death1]]>><</if>>

I'm trying to get it to a lot of things.

Basically I want the player to roll the dice.

If the player rolls below a '4' I want 2 health to be deducted.

If the player's health dips below 1 / reaches zero, I want to use the goto command (or something similar) to send him to the death screen.

When I try using this code...

It now throws up the death screen upon the first dice roll being under 4.

Can anyone help. I am a bad programmer, good at story-telling, bad at anything beyond basics. :(

Any gurus of the code out there? You guys are unsung heros for helping me out this far...


My first code success without a total copy paste pasta. Did a LOT of code modifications but it deducts health AND it executes a goto command to the death screen!

It's probably a bit rough, but I leave it up for others to work on and improve with, just like I did.

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