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This is a direct question guys, I learned twinescript some time ago, but I decided to make a more complex game now, I started and when I got to the part of inventory system, stores, varied status, elemental damage, equipment, accumulating items, etc... I realized that something more complex is actually very difficult in twinescript.

I researched and saw that complex systems use javascript, which confirms the impossibility of twine for complex things.

Well my knowledge of JS is... Nothing. I could learn however, do you think JS can be so useful for this?

Note: I've also seen those ready-made systems offered by JS programmers, but I really do not want to just be a copier without knowing anything about what I'm dealing with. So I'm willing to learn everything I need!

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I wouldn't say that complex things are "impossible" in Twine/story format code, but it's usually a less efficient way of doing the same thing.

As the developer of one of those "ready-made systems", I can totally say that JavaScript is quite useful for doing complex things in Twine.

If you're looking for more information on how to code using JavaScript, the Mozilla Developer's Network (MDN) and W3Schools sites can be quite helpful.  If you're doing anything dynamically with the page content, then knowing a bit of jQuery (which is based in JavaScript) can also help.  Also, when Googling for how to do specific things, keep an eye out for StackOverflow links, since that's a great site to find answers to all sorts of questions about JavaScript and web development in general.

Hope that helps!  :-)

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Yes certainly, I was wondering if it's really worth learning JS, it seems so. Thank you.