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I'd like to make my story available to the public. Any suggestions? I'd prefer a free hosting site.

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The Publishing Your Work section on the main page of the Official Twine Wiki (1) lists a number of web-sites you can use.

1. The link to wiki can be found in the right side-bar of this web-site as well as on the Twinery web-site.

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I have found that itch.io is well set up for hosting Twine games, and not only is it free to add stories but you can recieve donations for your work (but unless you want to market it don't expect money I would say). It allows you to edit many aspects of the story page and other things, and has analytics of how many have visited your story and where they found it.

In the dropdown beside your name (in the top right corner) you can "Upload a new project". In the editing page under "Kind of project" select "HTML - you have a ZIP or HTML file that will be played in the browser", and when you upload your story file select "This file will be played in the browser" after it uploads.

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Neocities.org is a great place to host your twine project. It gives you one gig of data for free. I love using it and I think you will to. It does everything itch.io can do. The only issue is that you cannot upload mp3/mp4 files. This means you need to use youtube if you want music or videos in your project/website.
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philome.la works.