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I was researching different ways of creating and inventory and I stumbled upon https://twinery.org/forum/discussion/comment/21051/ .  In the latter half user Disane , talks about creating something very similar to what I want.  A system where you have an inventory and there is a system to flag if an item is equipped and to check whether another item conflicts (i.e you can't wear 2 pairs of pants).  The problem is that the pieces of the system are missing/uncorrected.  Does anyone have a complete example of this or a similar system?  i'm not a total noob to twine and scripting, but i am pretty beginner and trying to re-engineer it from the pieces seems daunting.


2nd little question, would Disane's system allow multiple "clothingType" uses, i.e. overalls being both "pants" and "shirts".  at least from the visible pieces.

attempting to use twine 2 and sugarcube 2


Edit: gonna lock this question and try to ask more specifics.
closed with the note: No answers after a week, going to try to ask again with more specifics.