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I would like to print my Proofing Copy.

I'm using Twine 2.2.1 on Desktop (Linux) with the Harlowe 2.1.0 as a story format and Paperthin 1.0.0 as a Proofing Format.

I can generate a Proofing Copy : it opens a window with my text and the passage names in bold.

However, this window has no menu, it is impossible to print from here. When I copy/paste the text into an editor, the Passage names are gone, which makes the whole file useless :)

Do you use the Proofing Copy? Do you have the same symptoms?


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The default "Paperthin" proofing format isn't great.  I generally prefer the "Illume" proofing format (which you can download from that link).  With that you can output to the Twee format, which is plain-text and will keep the passage names and everything.  You can even compile to HTML from Twee using Tweego (a command line tool).

There's a whole list of other proofing formats available for Twine here, if "Illume" isn't to your liking.

Enjoy!  :-)

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Thank you so much HiEv!

It's funny because I downloaded Illume before asking for help but was clueless regarding the twee format. Now I know!

And I would have never thought that there were so many Proofing Formats... The Twine community is awesome.

Thanks again :)