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I am fairly new to Twine and I am using Harlowe 2.1.0 

In the game I am trying to make, I am trying to print the name the player gave but from end to front

At one point, I have the player to input their chosen name into $name

and then I have this:

(If: $name's length > 18 and $name's length <20)[(print: $name's 19th)]
(If: $name's length > 17 and $name's length <19)[(print: $name's 18th)]
(If: $name's length > 16 and $name's length <18)[(print: $name's 17th)]
(If: $name's length > 15 and $name's length <17)[(print: $name's 16th)]
(If: $name's length > 14 and $name's length <16)[(print: $name's 15th)]
(If: $name's length > 13 and $name's length <15)[(print: $name's 14th)]
(If: $name's length > 12 and $name's length <14)[(print: $name's 13th)]
(If: $name's length > 11 and $name's length <13)[(print: $name's 12th)]
(If: $name's length > 10 and $name's length <12)[(print: $name's 11th)]
(If: $name's length > 9 and $name's length <11)[(print: $name's 10th)]
(If: $name's length > 8 and $name's length <10)[(print: $name's 9th)]
(If: $name's length > 7 and $name's length <9)[(print: $name's 8th)]
(If: $name's length > 6 and $name's length <8)[(print: $name's 7th)]
(If: $name's length > 5 and $name's length <7)[(print: $name's 6th)]
(If: $name's length > 4 and $name's length <6)[(print: $name's 5th)]
(If: $name's length > 3 and $name's length <5)[(print: $name's 4th)]
(If: $name's length > 2 and $name's length <4)[(print: $name's 3rd)]
(If: $name's length > 1 and $name's length <3)[(print: $name's 2nd)]
(print: $name's 1st) 

I was wondering if I could shorten this or cut it down a bit,

Thanks in advance ( ^ _ ^ )/

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Easiest way: 

(print: $name.split('').reverse().join(''))

At least if I understand correctly.

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Yeh, Thats actually what I wanted, Thank you ^_^ /
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Nevermind this, I realised my own mistake :3 Thank you