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Using harrlowe's click-replace or link-repalce or even show macros the text I choose to reveal on clicking is shown for a moment and then vanishes again.

This is the code snippet which gives me trouble. It's current itteration is free of the replace macro.

["I think there will be a war," he says. "And a war with the Narami will be unlike anything our people have ever scene. The Naram have [muskets]<muskets|."]

(click: ?muskets)[[We have muskets, too.]<muskets2|]

(click: ?muskets2)[It's true that your people have muskets. A few muskets, bought from abroad and favored as show pieces of wealthy ranchers. The Naram colonial forces would have many many muskets-- and cannons, too.]
In this case. Muskets will be blue. I'll click it and "we have muskets, too" will show up for an instant and then disapear. I've I click it again it will come back but then it will be gone again.

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I tested the snippet in a test game in Twine and it worked just fine... maybe there's something else in the other parts of your code?