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Hi, eewells here. Relatively new to Twine 2. Still playing around with the software and learning the language. Some users were helpful in answering if Twine is right for me. Looking to design a "CYOA" for clinical patient scenarios. I was directed to the sugarcube format. I have created a storyboard (slides) for a CYOA, walking through the branching logic. I am wondering if there are users/programmers who create Twine stories for others? If I was to provide someone with what I am envisioning in my story, including the stop points and options to choose from, is it possible to have a user with more experience create it for me? While I could create something, my audience is surgical residents, and I want to provide them with a professional looking, high impact educational tool. Moderators/Admins - I hope I am not breaking any cody of conduct by making such a request. I understand if this service may not be available to users, but I wanted to explore all of my options within the Twine platform before getting started. Thank you in advance for your help while I navigate this system.

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There are Twine developers (like myself) that help others with their projects (both paid and unpaid), and many of these developers are proffessional software developers.

I believe the best place to contact such people is via the collaborator-search channel on the Twine Games Discord server. (a link to which can also be found on the main page of the Official Twine web-site)

note: As you are looking for someone to do all of the developing work and as the project appears to be for a comnercial concern the Developer may want to be financially reimbursed.

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Thank you for your response. This is wonderful news. I have very little programming experience, primarily quantitative coding for statistical analysis. I have never done something quite like this. My supervisor has signed off on the Twine platform, but will expect a professional, high quality product which is why working with a professional software developer is exactly what we need. We have full intention on paying the developer. We are an academic research institution with grant money funding this project. I wouldn't say our project is for commercial purposes though, we will be pilot testing these CYOA clinical scenarios to a group of surgical residents and collect qualitative feedback to revise and adapt our product before rolling out the intervention to hospital sites state-wide. I will check out the collaborator search channel. What is the best way to find a good fit for what we are trying to build? Also, can you give me a range of what the cost of the developing work might be? Thanks!!
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> What is the best way to find a good fit for what we are trying to build?

I suggest you get the applicants to build you a very basic prototype based on a small number of slides from your powerpoint presentation. This would help the applicant understand the level of effort needed to convert what you have to what you need, and help you learn about the applicants.

This is also a good time to flesh out the basics of how you want the actualy project to look & feel, which also helps the applicant determine the effort required to produce it.

> can you give me a range of what the cost of the developing work might be?

This is a difficult question to answer because it can vary on any number of things, some of them being:
a. The exchange rate between your currency and thier's.
b. What you want the end result to look like, and the effort required.
c. What functionallity you want the end result to have, and the effort required.
d, If you want extras like embedded media (images, audio, video)
e. The "going rates" of software development in the applicant's country.
f. How quickly you want the end result, the applicant may need to reschedule existing commitments.