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Using Twine 2.2.1

I have an action sequence in my game and I want to make it feel alive.

I want my players to have a limited amount of time to make certain decisions.

How can I do this?

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See the answer by @HiEv to this more recent question:



Briefly, you can use the SugarCube2 macro <<timed>>
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You have a few basic options for implementing a limited-time feature.  How you want the feature to work will determine which is the best fit.

  1. Check the time elapsed since the player has been on a passage upon player action and do something if it's less/more than a specified time.  The SugarCube time() function may be used for this.
  2. Run a local (passage) timer that does something at a specified time if it's not interrupted by a player action.  The SugarCube <<timed>> macro may be used for this.
  3. Run a global timer that does something at a specified time if some criteria is/isn't met.  The web API setTimeout() function may be used for this.
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You have specificed two different Story Formats (Harlowe & SugarCube) in your question tags, which one are you actually using for your project?

We need to know because the answers we give you can vary based on (the name and full version number of) the story format you are using.

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Ugh.  I missed that both tags were there.