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I am fairly new to Twine. I have built a multiple choice game, that ends with a unique list of items collected based on the players choices. I am intersted in these different outcomes and would like to find a way of collecting/gathering these.

At first I set up a save game function until I realiised that would be no use since people will be playing on different browsers from different computers.

So far all I have managed is attatching a (go-to:) url link at the end of the game, which asks the players to screenshot their results and upload it on a page I have specially created for the game.

However this is quite a clunky method and I was wondering if there was a way to send the results more automatically, such as to my email or a spreadsheet, using javascript.

I have had a quick play with a few javascript codes, to try and lead the player to mailto links or HTML forms at the end. But I'm using Harlowe which seems to run any Jasvascript accross the whole game, whereas I would only want the script to run at the very end. So I'm not sure how to get around that (might be a stupid question but hv no experience with javascript)!?

If anyone has any suggestions of what I could do that would be great, or else advise me that this is too complicated and I will stick with my make-shift URL method, to collect images of results.

Thanks :)

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The Saving Twine Data into Google Sheets (Twine 2.2.1/Harlowe 2.1) question contains information about one method you can potentially use.

warning: That solution, as well as any other that relies on the usage of JavaScript, requires you to use a hack to access the internals of the Harlowe engine.

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Thanks, will have a look!