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I am quite excited to start making my first interactive book. I found twinery.org and it looks like everything I need. I downloaded the following files from your website and ran "twine_2.2.1_win64.exe" and "twine_2.2.1_win32.exe" through virustotal.com and shockingly I got the following...

Result scan for "twine_2.2.1_win32.exe"

Bkav scanner result "HW32.Packed.B071" and WhiteArmor scanner result "Malware.HighConfidence"


Result scan for "twine_2.2.1_win64.exe"

Bkav scanner result "HW32.Packed." and Trapmine scanner result "Malicious.moderate.ml.score"

These are serious detections if they are real when Googling these results. What I am hoping for by posting my concerns is to know that the creative team of Twinery knows about these detections and they know these detections to be false positives. I am looking for peace of mind.

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I suggest to report the on the Issues page of the Twine 2 application project GitHub repository, so that the application's developer will know about the issue you've had.

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Also, please report the details of the detection to the vendor of the antivirus software so they can verify the results. Personally, I suspect that it's a "false positive". I use Comodo's Internet Security software, and its AV scanner found no problems in freshly downloaded copies of both of the two installers.
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